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health club horror. a gunman opens fire, unleashing a barrage of over 50 shots, killing four and wounding nine others. >> everybody ditched and ran as fast as they could. that's all i heard, just bang bang, bang bang bang. >> we'll talk with one of the survivors. diplomatic success. former president clinton brings home the two american journalists held prisoner in north korea. >> i'm so happy. i'm so excited. >> homicide on the highway. police say the young mother who caused a fiery wrong-way crash
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that killed eight people including four children was drunk and high. we'll show you how the families are reacting to the news. an "american idol" shocker. celebrity judge paula abdul is leaving the show. we'll tell you why early this wednesday morning, august 5th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good wednesday morning from new york. i'm maggie rodriguez with harry smith. julie chen is on assignment today. we're working several big stories, including the homecoming of former president bill clinton with the two american journalists held captive in north korea. we'll get to that in a moment. >> first, the deadly health club shooting outside of pittsburgh. the gunman emptied clip after clip and killed three women and wounded nine others. then took his own life. it happened last night in a suburb of pittsburgh. cbs news correspondent susan
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cope copean is in collier township with the latest. >> reporter: police are working on a motive this morning. what we do know is that this gym, a popular gym in this area was packed with people last night when more than 50 shots rang out. tuesday night, 8:15, allegheny county police say a gunman quietly walked into the l.a. fitness health club in the pittsburgh suburb of collier township. he headed to a fitness class and opened fire. >> he did not say anything. he walked right to the room where the shootings occurred, as if he knew exactly where he was going. >> reporter: there were approximately 20 women taking the class at the time. >> people are running towards him because we didn't even know like how to get out, you know. >> reporter: the gunman was later found among the dead. family members gathered nearby waiting for word about their loved ones. this man's niece and daughter-in-law were among the victims. >> she laid down on the floor and the guy straddled her and
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stood on top of her and shot her. she was trying to play like she was dead. >> reporter: while the shooter's name hasn't been confirmed, this is said to be his car. cbs news learned of an online diary that appears to be that of the killer. in it a 48-year-old white male details nine months of his plans for a mass killing at his gym. november 5th, 2008. why do this to young girls? just read below. january 6th 2009. i can do this. god have mercy. i wish life could be better. i wish i had answers. bye. two hours later, he wrote, i chickened out. i brought the loaded guns everything. then this past sunday tomorrow is the big day. last time i tried this i chickened out. let's see how this new approach works out. the shooter also left a note in his gym bag. he was a member at this gym and police sources tell me he may have had a vendetta against
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women. harry? >> susan, live with us this morning from collier township. we thank you so much. joining us now also is richard walker who was at the gym when the shooting started. good morning. >> good morning. >> what did you hear first? and then what did you see thereafter? >> i heard -- it was a couple of gunshots. you wouldn't think they were gunshots. seen two kids run into the gym. next thing you know, we kept playing the basketball game. five seconds later, nine more gunshots went on screaming and everybody. 20 or 30 kids started running in the gym. >> there were kids present as well then last night in this gym? >> yes, there was several kids. >> right. soon thereafter then, you start to see people who are clearly wounded. what did you do then? >> once everybody started evacuating the gym, i seen one victim that was shot in the leg. picked her up and carried her
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about 50 yards from -- outside the gym. >> was she wounded pretty severely? >> yeah. at that time she was. she was losing lots of blood. it looked pretty bad. >> yeah. what was she saying? >> she just said, he's going to kill me he's going to kill me several times repeatedly. >> people in shock. what was it like inside that building as this was all unfolding? >> i mean it was horrible man. just thought it was a regular pickup game. next thing you know, 30 kids running at you screaming. it was pretty bad. >> right. it appears that the perpetrator of this crime may have in fact been a member of this gym. how unsettling is it to you to know that you may have been brushed by this guy in the time that you belonged there? >> right. i mean, you never know. the shooter could have been playing ball with us. nobody ever knows you know if it's a member just walking in
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and could have been any room. >> right. as you have run this through your mind i'm sure several times since this all happened last night, what are you thinking? what is the primary image that you have in your brain such? >> just go back to that gym and know if it's going to happen again or not. >> richard walker we thank you very much for speaking with us this morning. we do appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. >> all right. now here's maggie. >> finally, a happy homecoming for the two american journalists who had been held prisoner in north korea nearly five months. cbs news correspondent bill whittaker is in burbank, california with the politics of their release. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. it seems this was all highly orchestrated. laura ling's mother tells cbs news when laura called a couple of weeks ago she made it very clear it would take a visit by former president bill clinton to win their release.
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after the family made a number of phone calls to washington, d.c., that's exactly what happened. >> this is just the greatest day. >> reporter: laura ling and euna lee's family and friends have waited almost five months for this day. >> words cannot express my happiness, excitement. >> reporter: good news brought about by the surprise meeting of former president bill clinton and kim jong-il, the reclusive communist leader of north korea. >> it's been an emotional roller coaster, like none i've ever experienced before. >> very happy. long enough. >> reporter: while diplomats secretly negotiated the families held vigils to keep public awareness and hope alive through ling and lee's arrest, subsequent trial, sentence to 12 years hard labor and the agony for their families. >> i have to remind myself every minute i have to be strong for her. that's what keeps me going. >> reporter: the images from
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north korea turned grief to joy. >> they're happy. they're coming home. they can't wait to see them and to held them and never to let them go ever again. >> reporter: now there are still many unanswered questions. how were the journalists arrested? how were they treated? how were they finally released? these are questions for another day. today is a day for tears, hugs and celebration. maggie? >> cbs' bill whittaker. thank you. new mexico governor bill richardson negotiated the release of a prisoner in north korea in 1986. he was under consideration for this mission until north korea requested president bill clinton. good morning. >> good morning. >> you know this regime. they are not known for humanitarian gestures. are we in a position that we owe them something in return? >> no. it's equal right now. the north koreans used the two
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american journalists as bargaining chips to get an american special envoy of the stature of president clinton. they played this game before. at a time when we have enormous tensions between the two countries, in the past and now what the north koreans do is pull out a card. in this case, the capture of these journalists in march was a perfect card they would use to send a message to america through an american envoy. that's what happened. but i think everybody's a winner. we win, america, because we get the journalists out. tensions are lessened. maybe we start a dialogue with north korea. north korea wins obviously, kim jong-il gets a former president on his soil. it's a big prize and shores up his domestic base at a time there's some turmoil on who will succeed him. >> this is a country that tested missiles and a nuclear explosive this year. even though the white house made it clear that president clinton was only supposed to talk about the journalists' release.
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north korea is saying they talked about a number of issues. clearly they're seeing this as sithd down sitting down with the united states. do you think that might complicate things for president obama? >> no. president obama acted properly. since the two governments aren't talking officially, which they do in situations like this, you send somebody outside the government who can carry messages. i'm convinced president clinton wasn't carrying a political message. he was simply saying, release the two americans. the north koreans the way they've act, i've done this before with them, you listen to them. they give you their grievances. these are our concerns. but when they list those grievances, they may project an opening. an opening being, let's start talking. let's start talking face to face bilaterally, u.s. and north korea instead of the six-party talks, which has been the venue for discussions with north korea
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in the past. which the north koreans don't want to do. they want to talk to us directly because thank we're the two major powers, them and us that need to negotiate their differences. it's a chess game but the north koreans did use the two americans as bargaining chips. but we got something in return. we got the journalists home. we get a lessening of tension. north korea gets more international prestige and kim jong-il is able to say to his countrymen, one of the poorest nations on earth, i brought a former president to our soil, something he's been trying to do for years. >> all right, governor bill richardson thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> let's check in with russ mitchell for a look at the rest of the headlines this morning. >> good morning, guys and you at home. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad was sworn in for a second term this morning. he denounced foreign interference in iranian affairs. opposition leaders claimed the election was ridding. 30 people have been killed in
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post election protests. last week a follow-up on the crash in new york city. police say a woman who drove a van the wrong way on a highway was drunk and stoned. claire leka reports. >> reporter: when 36-year-old diane schuler drove her minivan nearly two miles the wrong way on a suburban parkway, investigators thought there must be some medical reason for her actions. now they say her blood alcohol was twice the state's legal limit. >> the toxicology from that autopsy shows that diane schuler had a blood alcohol content of 0.19%. the legal limit for intoxication in new york state is 0.08%. >> reporter: what's more -- >> toxology also reveals she had a high level of phc in her blood. this is the active ingredient contained in marijuana. >> reporter: the fiery crash ten days ago killed schuler, her 2-year-old daughter and three
7:13 am
young nieces. schuler's 5-year-old son was seriously hurt. also killed were three men in a second car. >> her daughter's dead. the other girls are dead. my brother, my father dan. they're all gone because she chose to do this and get in a car. >> it was just an accident but now i'm angry about it because it could have been avoided. she had a choice to make and she made the wrong choice. >> reporter: a deadly one. claire leka, cbs news, new york. >> it is 7:13 on this wednesday morning. dave price is here now with our first look of the weather. >> good morning to you, boy, do we have an active weather map as we roll through last night. let's show you video around louisville kentucky. this is video which shows you the extent of the flooding there. 4.5 inches in louisville. stretching back all the way to sections of indiana, indianapolis yesterday, 3.8 inches breaking a record which has stood since 1908.
7:14 am
of course rescuers called in to make sure people who were caught in standing water or flooding conditions were able to get out. no majornjuries reported of course. all is good. keep in mind all of that rain that cold front beginning to advance eastward to the northeast and the appalachians. we'll see that today. this is going to be scattered shower activity. it is not as if the whole east coast and deep south will be in rain all day. much of the deep south will have seasonable conditions in the 90s. later today is when it will kick up into tonight, moving towards the central plains. west coast looks good. tomorrow we could have some thunderstorms rolling in. we hope they're not dry thunderstorms, specifically around washington oregon and northern california. that could strike up brush fires and it is the
7:15 am
15 minutes past the hour that's a quick look at your weather picture. harry and maggie back to you. >> up next the government's new plan to crack down on people who drive while texting. also ahead, is your toddler depressed? we'll tell you what signs to look for. again and big changes at "american idol." ooh. this is the "early show" on cbs.
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texting while driving, it is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do. a recent study found drivers were listen six times more likely to be involved in a collision if they dialed a cell phone or used an electronic device. on tuesday, transportation secretary ray lahood announced plans for a summit to figure out how to put an end to so-called distracting driving and he joins us this morning. good morning sir. >> good morning. >> does the government want to create a mandate which basically will dictate to each and every state, you've got to get a law in place if you want to get federal tax money? >> harry, look what i want to do is eliminate or not allow people to text while they're driving. and the reason that we're having the summit is to figure out the best way to accomplish that. whether to pass a federal law or have congress pass a federal law
7:20 am
that requires the states or allow the states to develop a program where people cannot text and drive. i'm not going to prejudge how that will be done. but the bottom line for me is we have to eliminate people's texting while driving. it is just too dangerous. >> because the evidence continues to grow and grow. how urgent do you feel this need? >> this is one of our top priorities now harry. and i think it really affects younger people perhaps even more than older folks like myself. look texting is a big thing for young people now. we know when you're 16 or 17 or 18 years old, or anybody that's driving down the road trying to text you cannot pay attention to the car in front of you or behind you or the traffic around you. this is one of my highest priorities. i want texting eliminated while driving. i just think we'll save a lot of lives. and a lot of injuries. >> much worse than drunk
7:21 am
driving, as it turns out, at least according to these studies. very quickly, cash for clunkers. harry reid says there's going to be another couple billion dollars in the pipeline. that's what he believes anyhow. there is a problem with inventory. from your perspective, do you think that has worked? and should it continue? >> it's a wildly popular program, harry. it's worked very well. in about eight or ten days the government has proved we can get money out the door and sell almost 160,000 cars and push about $600 million out the door in order to do it. this is a huge boost for the economy. so we have proven that government can get it done. i know there's a car plant that's going to be opening up i think in ohio or already has. we think it's going to create -- >> ray lahood, thank you so much. we'll be right back. >> thank you. this portion of the "early show" sponsored by
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hello. it's a pretty good-looking day. how is the rush hour doing? here's sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. we have a few problems, 95 northbound to 32 westbound. we have an accident blocking the right lane only. we are seeing cars back up on the ramp but at this point you can see everything moving smoothly. an accident on the clearing stages to southbound 29. that's causing a backup to
7:26 am
marriottsville road. water main break repair work is going on in the city blocking one westbound lane of northern parkway. there's a look at your drive timance your speeds on the top of the west side beltway and 95. this traffic report is brought to you by the american department of agriculture. >> and marty is over in the traffic center. we'll watch for some thunderstorms in the afternoon and we can't rule out a strong one or two with a high temperature of 90, in the mid- 70s now, don. >> thank you. we have a summer school advisory from baltimore county to tell you about this morning. river view elementary is cancelling its summer session for today because the school has no power. river view elementary, no summer investigation, no power. and everybody's getting ready for swine flu and school this fall. mary bubala is live outside the state health department. >> reporter: and don, school leaders are very concerned because they fear the swine flu
7:27 am
vaccine will be too late and it will be after the start of the school this fall. health officials say the vaccine won't be ready until october at the least. right now the department of homeland security's holding online sum it's to answer questions from school leaders about how to prepare for an outbreak this fall. unlike seasonal flu that affects the youngest and oldest people the most the h1n1 flu targets all of us because none of us have anti-bodies to fight this strain. public school leaders plan to administer 5 million vaccine injections. back to you. we have new information about a high school football field set on fire out in frederick county. eyewitness news has learned three teen-agers have been arrested for setting the fire at middletown high school's artificial turf field. officials say the three 17-year- olds are from rival brunswick high school. it will cost $20,000 to repair that field and it's not clear if it will be ready in time for football season which starts in just 10 days. >> fresh off another win at the
7:28 am
haskell invitational. the wineries are releasing a limited edition of the wine in the philly's honor with 300 cases to be bottled. paula, the american idol judge is not returning. what the deal-breaker was. plus off the road vehicle dangers. why aren't there
7:29 am
7:30 am
we're here at the corner of 59th and 5th. i know where we are. welcome back to the "early show," everybody. you know these things atvs. wildly popular. hundreds of thousands sold. in particular there's a model that our great investigative report armen keteyian has been
7:31 am
looking at. a lot of controversy about this. what the company knew when they knew it how safe these things really are. you'll want to see this investigation in just a bit. >> also ahead if you noticed changes in your toddler noticed that he or she is not as happy and playful as before a new test shows that they may actually be depressed. even as young as 3 years old. dr. ashton is here to tell us what signs to be on the lookout for. first, a huge shakeup at "american idol." paula abdul is leaving the show. >> according to a person on the inside this all came down to money. paula abdul was being offered a 30% pay raise that amounted to an eight-figure deal. that apparently wasn't enough. >> a big week for paula abdul. >> reporter: paula abdul won't be in the judge's seat for "american idol"'s next round. after eight seasons, abdul took
7:32 am
to twitter to say goodbye. with sadness in my heart, i've decided not to return to idol. i'll miss nurturing all the new talent but most of all being a part of a show i helped from day one become an international phenomenon. abdul's news came one day after kara, added as a fourth judge last season announced she'll be returning near another season. abdul called her a breath of fresh air. last month, producers reportedly tripled the salary of host ryan seacrest. abdul has been asking for a big payday of her own. with rehearsals about to start, time was running out. despite slipping ratings the show is one of the most popular on television with over 26 million viewers per show last year and 100 immitateors around the show. in a statement, fox called abdul an important part of the idol family and are saddened she is
7:33 am
not to return and wish her the best. there is no word on what the 47-year-old singer will do next. if this is a negotiating tactic we could see her back on "american idol." joining us is michael slezak a writer for "entertainment weekly." do you think she's gone for now or gone, gone? >> you never know. it's paula abdul. this makes for a nice summer soap opera. so it could happen. >> would you be surprised if she was gone for good given her popularity? >> it is kind of a shocker to hear paula leaving idol for good. she's like the whacky aunt that shows up for thanksgiving dinner. if she didn't show up for thanksgiving one year you would miss her. >> exactly. who will fight for simon now? >> whacky hi jinx. who will bring that? not randy or kara.
7:34 am
>> ultimately is this going to be about the money. >> it it probably will be. she may have overplayed her hand a bit. you look at projects outside of idol. they haven't been blockbusters. her bravo showed averaged less than half a million viewers. her music career stalled. she needs to wonder what is she worth outside the idol universe and think about that? >> should she have seen the writing on the wall when they brought in kara last season? >> that's very crowded. i think most viewers thought there was a lot of chatter and not enough of the performers. i think some may wonder why it was care on and not paula. >> from this poll 21% said the show would be better without her. the majority said paula is an integral part of the show. they said get rid of kara.
7:35 am
>> it's like going to the barber shop and you've got this mullet and lop all this excess off. it's a head scratcher. >> if paula doesn't come back what do you think it will mean for idol? >> i think it will survive without her. the cast changes every year whether it's carrie underwood or chris daughtry. the cast changes every year and it goes on. i think it will be missing a little unpredictability that paula brings. >> michael, thanks very much. let's go outside. dave has a check of the weather. good morning. >> oh, inside. >> wow, i think i have breaking news. that harry smith is replacing paula abdul as the fourth judge on "american idol." this is incredible. harry, a long-time fan of the show. yes, will be with simon. wow, good ne harry. congratulations. >> thanks, man. >> unbelievable.
7:36 am
let's check the weather right now and across the country. zero in on the northeast and mid-atlantic states. why? that storm system that rolled through sections of indiana and, of course through kentucky as well going to bring some strong storms to sections of the northeast and the mid-atlantic later on today. half an inch to an inch, maybe more as you head into inland locations. things will start out fine. not an all-day rain. later on today, the storm system will roll through. central part of the country looks good. late tonight, this system over the rockies begins to move eastward into the central plains and that's where you could see some severe weather. west coast looks good. but into tomorrow night, washington oregon northern california we could see strong storms potentially a concern for brush fires, if those are dry thunderstorms. we'll watch that. you quit? you quit idol already? over what? was it a money issue? we'll know in the next
7:37 am
good morning. let's take a look at the forecast for the day. right now we have a beautiful day to start, partly sunny skies. later on we cloud up. a couple of strong thunderstorms not out of the question today. we're under no watches or advisories right now. 90 degrees is going to be the high. we'll keep a stray thunderstorm in the forecast through the bedtime hours. 68. tomorrow not a bad day. partly sunny. an ever-present chance after august thunderstorm. high of 85. look at the five-day and particularly monday. when we've got some time today. honolulu 87 degrees. not so bad. >> thanks dave. up next atvs can be a lot of fun. a lot of people have them. they can also be dangerous and even deadly. we'll have the results of an exclusive cbs news investigation. t attack caused by a completely blocked artery another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack caused by a clot one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives.
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dioguardi. cbs news has been taking a hard look at a popular off-road vehicle that has been linked to numerous injuries and even deaths. cbs news chief investigative correspondent armen keteyian is here with the results. >> good morning.
7:41 am
summer is the perfect time for off-road riding. one of the most popular vehicles is the yamaha rhino. but it may be too dangerous to drive. >> the rhino -- >> reporter: it's like a muscle car for the back country. the hottest trend in off-road vehicles. but a four-month cbs news investigation has found evidence that the popular yamaha rhino doesn't need to be busting over tough terrain to be dangerous. >> yamaha rhino tarted to rock and tipped over on my right side crushing my right wrist. >> reporter: justin miller lost his right hand after an accident in 2008. he said he wasn't careening around wild corners just riding at 15 miles per hour on flat ground when his 1,200 rhino rolled over. did you break any rules?
7:42 am
>> not at all. >> reporter: yamaha disputes that. the rhino has been a runaway hit in the off-road market since its introduction in 2003. more than 150,000 sold to date. but cbs news has learned of at least 440 rhino-related death and injury lawsuits across the u.s. >> the public needs to be aware that already 59 people have been killed in these vehicles. it's very high risk. this vehicle has a high center of gravity and it will turn over. >> reporter: yamaha motor fiercely defends the rhino, arguing virtually all accidents are caused by operator error, ignoring safety warnings driving too fast on pavement or failing to wear seat belts or
7:43 am
helmets. yamaha wouldn't provide someone to speak with us on camera so we went to their headquarters in southern california. >> we ask that you take the cameras out of here. >> reporter: despite repeated requests company lawyers decided not to let anyone speak to us on camera. yamaha provided several off-camera interviews and in statements to cbs news said the rhino is a safe reliable and versatile vehicle and has won virtually every first in class award and top safety ratings and that the vehicles have been tested for thousands of hours and performed with a high level of customer satisfaction. >> a lot of people and a lot of kids before me have died. like if we had known that, we would never have bought this product. >> reporter: earlier this year, they agreed to a free repair program designed to reduce injuries. but the cpsc told us their
7:44 am
investigation far from over. >> the for first aired last night. i was riveted to it. what kind of response do you get? >> the cpsc issued a reminder about the safety measures. a lot of phone calls and e-mails from parents and friends of parents who lost children in these rhinos thanking us for the report and talking about what we can do in the future and what we will be doing in the future. >> up next why your toddler may not just be sad. we'll tell you what signs to look for. this is the "early show" on cbs. people are learning to lose weight and keep it off with alli. food was always my comfort for whatever happened to be going on in my life. i have been taking alli for ten months and i have lost 75 pounds so far. it doesn't do it for you. it works with you to take some of the fat you eat out of your system. you can still eat all of your favorite foods, but you can learn how to eat them. it's been a really long time since i actually looked into the mirror and liked what i saw. it really, truly has changed my entire life. (announcer) start losing weight today.
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the alliance for better bone health may be able to help. ( john mayer's "say" plays throughout ) everyone's nervous going back to school. ♪♪ ♪♪ a hallmark card. it's the biggest little thing you can do. this morning in health watch, preschoolers and depression. it's not unusual for toddlers to be moody and throw temper tant rums. new research finds children as young as three can actually
7:48 am
suffer from major depression. dr. jennifer ashton is here with more. this is one of those that made me do a double-take. as young as three? >> that's right. psychiatrists have known that children in teenage years can suffer from depression. but those with a genetic history can show themselves in toddlers as young as three. >> what are the signs and symptoms such. >> the first is when the toddler shows an inability to enjoy the activities they normally get a kick out of. the second is when they're overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and shame. the third is extreme fatigue or a complete listlessness. they won't get out of bed to play and don't want to trick trick-or-treat. a change in sleeping eating pattern or behavior.
7:49 am
>> any one of those things could happen on their own and i would not necessarily pay attention. are you saying they have to happen in conjunction or just one? >> it could be just one. typically they occur in conjunction with the others and persist for various periods of time. if you see those things, you really want to check with the pediatrician. maggie this study really was very clear about the fact that while we might see signs of depression in toddlers by no means do child psychiatrists support or advocate treating children that young with medication. this needs behavioral therapy involving the parent or caregiverer. >> in the last couple of seconds seconds, as a mother of a toddler, it was ingrained to watch for signs of autism. >> they are totally different. fu concerned, check with a pediatrician. >> we'll be right back. >> "cbs healthwatch," sponsored by kellogg's rice krispies cereal. good. ( laughs ) ( gasps ) do you hear that sound?
7:50 am
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hello again. it is now five minutes before 8:00. humid, and a pretty interesting sky over the commute as well. how interesting down on the ground? sharon will let you know after marty's first warning weather. what we see out there is not a whole lot of shaking going on yet. that cold front is indeed going to fire up some thunderstorms as it moves into this warm and humid air mass, and it's definitely a little stuffier than the past couple of mornings. the forecast day is going to call for a high of right around 90 degrees, and again the word
7:56 am
strong thunderstorm is in the outlook. i think we'll keep a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast, even through the bed-time hours. now over to sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. hi, marty. good morning everyone. a new accident to report, this one in the westminister area. it is going to be on route 27, northbound 27 at kate wagner road, blocking northbound lanes. take northbound 97 as an alternate. meantime that accident on 95 northbound at the ramp to 32 is on the shoulder. no delays there. a wreck in the city druid avenue at northwest avenue. a water main break is causing repair work to block one westbound lane of westbound northern parkway between roland and falls. watch for delays now on the topside outer loop between harford and providence. five minutes there with an average speed of 38 miles per hour. there's a live look at that. here's a look at 295. no issues there today. no issues on 32 despite the nearby accident. this traffic report brought to you by the cochran firm.
7:57 am
call 1-800-the firm or visit cochran for a free consultation. back to you. there's a baltimore county summer school advisory for you this morning. riverview elementary is cancelling its session for today because it has no power. and as millions of children prepare to head back to school for a new school year health officials are working hard to keep them safe from the swine flu. eyewitness news and mary bubala have the story. >> reporter: don, school leaders are concerned that a swine flu vaccine will be available too late, after the start of the school. so they are preparing for the worst at this point. health officials think the vaccine won't be ready until at least october. right now the department of homeland security is holding online summits to answer questions from school leaders about how to prepare for an outbreak this fall. unlike seasonal flu that affects the youngest and the oldest people the most, the h1n1 flu targets all of us, including school-age children because none of us have anti- bodies built up to fight this strain. school leaders expect to administer about 5 million vaccine injections this school year. don, back to you. >> thank you, mary.
7:58 am
stay with wjz 13 maryland's news station. up next, what to buy and when? getting the best deals for everything you need may
7:59 am
8:00 am
horror at a health club in pittsburgh. a gunman opens fire killing four and wounding at least nine others. >> i was working out and heard a bunch of gunshots and seen everybody run. we just all head for the hills. >> we'll bring you the latest. the ends of summer means it's time for big sales. we'll give you a month to month guide to the best bargains around. meryl streep turning in another tasty performance. >> loose sort of mass like --
8:01 am
oh! that didn't go very well. >> she'll stop by early this wednesday morning, august 5th, 2009. welcome back to the "early show," everybody. i'm maggie rodriguez with harry smith and drive price. julie is on assignment this morning. i found the way to make harry smile guaranteed. we came out -- >> all roads lead to -- >> iowa. >> there you go. >> what's your name? >> grace. >> grace is here with a t-shirt that says central college, where harry went in iowa. >> and what's this? >> yardsmith bakery. >> this is all harry talks about whenever he brings up central college or iowa. he makes these -- what are they called dutch letters?
8:02 am
>> bring them out. >> this is a life-changing experience purchase. >> ooh! >> look at that. is that like a pretzel? what is it? >> almond paste. >> like almond paste. take a shot. >> why did you buy it for harry then? that is delicious. >> i overnighted it here for you. >> nice. nice work. you get the special tour now. >> all right. speaking of -- >> we'll maybe bring you into the basement. >> wow-wee. >> sorry. >> let's go inside to russ at the news desk. >> all right, guys. thank you so much. there is still no motive in the deadly health club shooting. it happened last night southwest of pittsburgh. a lone gunman opened fire killing at least three people before taking his own life. cbs news correspondent susan
8:03 am
copen is in collier township with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. police say this shooter walked into this health club, which was packed last night with a plan. he was a member of this club. he walked in. he had a gym bag filled with guns. he walked directly back to an aerobics class and opened fire on a group of women who were exercising in that class. he left behind a note. he may also have had an online diary where he detailed his plans to commit mass murder at this gym. police say he may also have had a vendetta against women. russ? >> susan in collier township pennsylvania, thank you very much. >> now to the other big story of the morning. this is homecoming day for the two american journalists detained five months ago in north korea. they are being flown to california today with former president bill clinton. bill whittaker is in burbank, california with the latest on that. good morning.
8:04 am
>> reporter: good morning, russ. i'm in the hangar where the plane kaerpg the two released journalists is due to arrive shortly. this whole area secured by the secret service. the families tell us the state department was in touch with the families daily over the last 140 days and tell us the state department will be debriefing the two young women shortly after they arrive while this is all still fresh in their heads. while the two women were arrested for illegally entering north korea and hostile acts and were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor, the families tell us they actually were treated well. kept in a guest house, allowed to make regular calls home. today, they're coming home and due to arrive here within the hour. russ? >> okay. good news. we'll see you later. thank you very much. it is now 8:04. katie couric has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> a new study raises serious questions about a costly back procedure. is it really worth it or could
8:05 am
it leave you feeling worse? tonight only on the cbs evening news. now back to the "early show." >> right now let's go back outside to mr. david price for another check of the weather. dave? >> russ as is on his 26th letter. he's actually gone through the alphabet. >> once. and i'm getting ready to start again. from capitals to small case. >> you're moving on to cursive. you cannot get these -- you get these from this bakery? >> right. they'll ship them anyplace on the planet. >> it's called the jarsma bakery. >> not jarsma. it's dutch. it's with a "y." >> it's in iowa. call now. tell them harry smith's bill will cover it all.
8:06 am
right? everyone, get your phones. call right now. the jarsma bakery. let's take a check of the weather and see what's happening all across the country. strong storms rolling through the appalachians and mid-east and mid-atlantic states. what started off as strong storms in the rockies will roll through the southern lanes and central plains as we head through the latter part of the day into tonight. we'll see storms develop into the pacific northwest as well. let's a quick look at the national forget the weather. we're sitting here trying to find -- he said that number fast. we're getting ready to call this thing. >> are you kidding me? >> sure. all right. let's look at the forecast today. there it is,jarsma we're going to go for a high of
8:07 am
90 this weather report sponsored by kohl's. expect great things. >> and that's a quick look at your weather picture. we only have a couple of seconds. we normally don't do this. it's the 50th anniversary of what do they call it the crystal pen? how men have you taken with this pen. happy anniversary with the big crystal. that's a quick look at your weather. maggie, inside to you. >> mostly my number two pencil. thanks a lot, dave. coming up next how far timing is everything when it comes to bargain hunting. from pencils to patio furniture. deals to be had in august and september here on the "early show" on cbs.
8:08 am
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8:09 am
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it's the chevy open house. and now, with the cash for clunkers program, a great deal gets even better. let us recycle your older vehicle and you could qualify for an additional $3500 or $4500 cash back on a new, more fuel-efficient chevy. your chevy dealer has more eligible models to choose from. more than ford, toyota, or honda. now get an '09 cobalt for under fifteen-five after all offers. and get it for even less if you qualify for cash for clunkers program. go to for details. consumer staples, everything from electronics to produce go on sale at just about the same time every year.
8:11 am
kiplinger's personal finance created a month by month guide to help you get the most bang for your buck. here with some of the deals is editor janet bodner. >> good morning. >> in august you say it's a good time to buy three things specifically. discounts up to 75% on outdoor toys school and office supplies and patio furniture. why outdoor toys? >> you know it is the end of the season. what people might not realize you don't have to wait until november to get good deals. retailers want to clear their inventory, especially with the recession going on. they like to get rid of things. you can get really good deals. 75% is pretty good. >> yeah. in one surprises me i would think because it's almost back to school time. they would take advantage of the fact that everybody needs school and office specialize and charge you more at this time of year. >> not necessarily. again, they're trying to bring customers into the store. tax holidays are great.
8:12 am
16 states plus the district of columbia that will dispense with the sales tax. you're talking about printer paper, office supplies that kind of thing. one state, vermont, is a new state on the list tennessee will give you double relief in the sense that you get state tax relief plus local tax relief. >> that's good to know. patio furniture is usually ridiculously expensive. how great a deal? >> we're talking about half office. as much as half off. you can do this in august. you don't want to wait until leaves fall and presumably the inventory is gone. >> let's move to september. deals to be had in september include health insurance, holiday airfare and new cars. health insurance is a surprising one. >> that's a big ticket item people don't think about. this is open season with your employer. some people sign on the dotted line and go with what they've
8:13 am
done before. if your circumstances have changed, maybe you've had a new baby or job loss it pays to look at the plan being offered. you could save hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars on your premium. >> this is the time to do it. >> yes, it's open season. >> holiday airfare. you say it's the best time to buy your tickets for december in september. >> shoulder season. business is slow. you may be able to get deals on holiday travel. also if you're interested in shoulder season travel in october and november, good time to look. i had a friend yesterday who said she got a great deal on a mediterranean cruise in october and purchased it this week. >> finally, you say september is a great time to buy a new car. the cash for clunkers thing is on hold. you say it's a good time to negotiate for the new car. >> the new models are coming in. they're looking to move inventories. it looks like the cash for
8:14 am
clunkers program may be renewed for another month. that gives you extra incentive. >> is there any one thing you want consumers to take away from this segment? what should they keep in mind? >> a couple of ways to get good bargains is always shop online. always because of the recession, there are -- and especially on discretionary items like the patio furniture or like the cruises, things that people don't have to spend money on, they're not spending money on. you can really get bargains on those particular things. now is the time to look. >> janet badner thank you. go to our website, approximate. think it's time tough to keep tabs on your kids? what bay shark? our shark series continues with that interesting story when we come back. my name is chef michael. and my dog
8:15 am
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8:17 am
this portion of the "early show" sponsored by purina. >> we continue our look at shark week with a look at how shark populations are monitored. here's daniel siebert. >> determining the number of sharks in the ocean and determining where they are are among the great mysteries. they prefer to travel and hunt alone, which makes tracking them even more difficult. we went to the bahamas to watch up close as researchers try to keep tabs on the predators of the deep. >> reporter: to understands things like climate change or food supply is affecting the migration behavior of sharks researchers must tag them an extremely tricky process. why is it so important to know
8:18 am
where sharks go. >> it's important to know where sharks go so we can preserve them. >> reporter: i tagged along with researchers and members of the stew art cove diving operation in the bahamas. you've been bitten yourself? >> i've been bitten a couple of times. it's the adrenaline rush of the moment. then when you realize what happened, oh my god, i've been bitten by a search. >> reporter: to reduce the risk of being bitten, they clad themselves in metal suits called chain mail. for everybody else including me it's all about slow and steady. and remembering to breathe. using underwater audio, marine biologist andy dehart narrates this unique shark encounter. >> all white hands that potentially look like a bit of fish. that's why we keep our hands close. >> reporter: at a depth of 40
8:19 am
feet divers bait the water and bring the otherwise solitary sharks together in the same place. >> the amazing thing you can see is chains that have been in there for a while. you know they're about ready to feet. nobody has ever tried to bite him. >> reporter: since tagging a shark underwater could be like riding a bucking bronco with razor-sharp teeth, a bizarre process called tonic immornlt is used. it looks like magic, but it's really a natural anesthesia created by carefully stimulating the sharks under their snouts where they have sensitive receptors. >> although this might look uncomfortable to the sharks it's a pressure they don't like. >> reporter: if these sharks are caught by fishermen, a reward is
8:20 am
offered for details about the animals. inspection to tags that rely on compliance from fishermen, electronic tags are being tested in the waters of the bahamas. they send a ping to underwater receivers any time a shark swims by. it's part of getting a better look at these highly evolved creatures. >> my goal is to get everybody to love sharks. although i know there's a little fear of sharks and that's also related to the unknown. >> getting comfortable with sharks is a relative term. by the end of the trip i was much more at ease. researchers like andy hope that the rest of us will understand the need to conserve their dwindling numbers. >> did you try that sharp hypnosis with the scratching? >> i opted out of that process. i wasn't wearing the chain mail. >> the most important thing they're learning? >> they travel great distances. in one case they used satellite monitoring to see a shark go
8:21 am
from south africa to australia and back. that's a pretty fair distance. >> shark week continues all week on the discovery channel. here on the "early show" as well. maggie? >> all right harry, thanks. speaking of predators, we now know how much time men spend ogling women. they pulled 3,000 women. here's what they found. you can look at me it's okay. i won't accuse you of ogling. just don't want look at me like that. men stare at women 43 minutes a day. stare at least ten different women for 43 minutes every day. that's a total of 259 hours every year which amounts to almost a year of your lives. >> that's not enough. >> right. >> and i happen to have gotten a masters degree. >> they polled women? >> then they polled women and found they stare at men for 20 minutes a day.
8:22 am
a mere 20 minutes a day, which is about six months of our lives. here's the takeaway. men like it, 19% of many said they like it. >> they like being ogled? you say ogled, i say ogled? men like being checked out by women and 9% of women enjoy it. that's because you guys do it all wrong. more of us would like it if you skip -- i'm not accusing you in particular -- but a lot of guys do the aggressive catcall, make you feel uncomfortable. check out everything. >> no, no. >> not at all. >> never. >> you've never seen this. >> since tony went to human rep sources, that is just -- no one. >> hypothetically show me how you would -- >> tony. >> he's not shy all of a sudden. >> show me the proper way to look at a woman.
8:23 am
no that's -- >> i'm stuck now. >> a little nerdy. >> all right. >> the wink is bad. >> why is the wink bad? >> because it's sleazy horrible. you need some work. >> still to come, we'll talk with meryl streep about getting
8:24 am
8:25 am
hello, again. we have clouds up in the sky, blue skies and humidity down here. sharon is about to wrap up another rush after marty's first warning weather. >> i have doppler radar. no shower activity on the leading edge. there was some. the cold front moving our way is not a player in the forecast. we have to watch for the leading edge of the cold front a couple of strong thunderstorms firing up. mid-70s now. a high of 90. over show har ron -- sharon
8:26 am
now. >> good morning, everyone. not too much to worry about. we have one accident blocking all the northbound lanes to route 27 at cape wagner road. take 97 instead. watch for water main break repair working on blocking a westbound lane of northern parkway between berlin and falls road. otherwise there is a look at your drive times and delays. slight delays on the beltway. there is a live look at one of the delays at harper road. this traffic report is brought to you by len the plumbing. callen the blumer and have it -- plumber and have it down today. as many prepare for the new school year, health officials are worried on keeping them safe from the swine flu. >> reporter: don, school leader are concerned that a swine flu vaccine will be available too late after the start of the school. they are preparing for the
8:27 am
worst at this point. health officials say the vaccine won't be ready until october. they are answering questions from school leader about how to prepare on an outbreak. it targets all of us because none of us have antibiotics -- antibody built up to fight the strain. don, back to you. >> thank you, mary. city police smish near is riding to the rescue of the mound police unit. the long-time program was in jeopardy of being di panned -- disbanded now the baltimore sun is reporting the commissioners are vowing the program will not go under on his watch. ocean city police found three boardwalk shops in possession of sale via yesterday lawmakers passed emergency legislation banning it. police went door to door to make sure the shops get rid of
8:28 am
their supply. possession up to 6 months in yale. the season hasn't started yet but injuries are taking a toll on the ravens. adam terry will miss the entire season to have surgery on his injured right knee. up next a telephone game with
8:29 am
8:30 am
there you go. nice crowd out here this morning. >> i have a question. where did harry bring a melon outside? >> she's going to do this amazing how to pick the exact -- this is the time of year -- right? irresistible stop at a farm stand. what to do with guys like this.
8:31 am
welcome back to the "early show" this half hour. my conversation with the remarkable merrillyl streep and her new role as the legendary julie child. >> she's so versatile. and five fashion dos that can become fashion don'ts. we'll show you how to avoid mistakes. >> and dave is in inside with the melon recipes, cantaloupes and honeydews. first, here's dave. >> do you remember the game telephone we played when we were kids? >> now they're calling it a whisper chain. we'll start a message and ask our guys in the audio booth, cut out the outside audio. i'll give you the cue when to turn my mike back on. but turn it off right now.
8:32 am
all right, mikes back on. in the meantime this message is going to go through the chain. we'll see if we get it on the in the meantime, a record-breaking whisper chain. it started with jake bronstein at one corner of a new york bar and traveled through 59 people before ending up back on stage with jake's girlfriend kristina hoge. >> kristina, will you marry me? >> and now we're back live with jake and kristina. big hand. congratulations for them.
8:33 am
dude, hey, there are lots of creative ways, you know the ring and the fortune cookie spelling it out on a scrabble set, right? >> could have would have. >> this is great. and how did you think of it? were you worried this might not work. >> i wasn't worried it might not work. the idea was to get as many of our friends involved as possible. it was great. i got to invite a lot of people we knew. when they heard the message, they were excited, eager. you are so serious about that. >> this is my part of the news. this is a developing story for me. don't harsh my mellow, man. >> sorry. >> but at some point, what would have happened if you had gotten to the stage and what came out was, kristina do you want to go to the diner tonight? >> right. maybe that would be fate. we tried the month before and it didn't work. so we went home. >> kristina did you consider
8:34 am
whispering back to someone with some sort of answer? >> i was completely shocked. some strange man asked me to marry him. i turned around to ask jake to beat this guy up and jake was on his knees. >> when are you guys getting married? >> when are we getting married? >> i don't know. >> can we follow the story if you did? >> thank you. >> best man? >> oh yeah. >> if you want i'll be your best man. maybe we'll do that live. in the meantime we sent this whisper chain all aroundhrough this entire bunch of people all through here. did everyone whisper. where was the end, right here? let's see if the message is correct. >> mother carried something news. >> well, this is one very gifted audience. moth carries -- is that what you sa? >> that's what she said.
8:35 am
>> mother carries? who said mother terry? nobody is admitting culpability now. let's go back inside and say hello to mother terry. she is here with a look at the news desk. >> i've been called a lot of things but that's the first time for that. thanks to whoever said that. here's what's happening this wednesday morning. law enforcement officials near pittsburgh say a gunman who opened fire at a health club got off more than 50 shots. the suspect is a 48-year-old man. he took his own life. witnesses say he walked into the health club, drew two guns from a bag and without warning opened fire. police at this point still do not have a motive. two american journalists who had been held in north korea since march arrived home this morning. laura ling and euna lee were released yesterday after former president bill clinton met with north korean leaders. they were captured near the border with china and sentenced to 12 years hard labor. while mr. clinton wraps up
8:36 am
his mission to north korea, mrs. clinton is in africa this morning. the secretary much state told the trade forum in kenya, african governments must rejukt corruption to attract economic investment. russian prime minister vladimir putdin with no shirt on. the 56-year-old is on a camping trip in siberia, boosting his macho image and showing a sensitive side as well, giving his watch to a local boy. it is now 8:36. let's go outside to brother dan for another look at the weather. >> we started out with now here's russ with the news. then it went to here's russ for a snooze. then what did you hear? >> not with the news. >> not with the news. >> all right. then we went to you. >> not the best of the news. >> not the best of the news. mary what did you hear? >> i forget. >> you forgot. she forgot. interesting. she forgot.
8:37 am
so what did you hear? >> military something news. >> military news. this is interesting. >> military something news. >> military something news. >> what did you hear? >> never wear something new. >> never wear something new. is there an application process to be part of this audience? all right, what did you hear? >> mother terry something news. >> mother terry something news. what did you hear? >> mother terry something news. >> we have a problem somewhere with these girls. let's take a check of the weather and we'll continue to investigate. we are going to see strong storms roll through the appalachians and the mid-atlantic states in the latter part of the day. central and southern plains you could see strong storms pushing east ward from the rockies as we head into tonight and in the next 24 hours strong storms may be rolling in. thunderstorms in portions of washington, oregon northern california. we hope those aren't dry thunderstorms, because that can ignited brush fires. it is the season for that.
8:38 am
that's a quick lookt the >> good morning. the forecast today, not talking about dry thunderstorms at all. that does exist by the way. no time to get in that discussion now but imagine a thunderstorm without rain. some, potential strong thunderstorms later. may have heavy downpours not impossible. 90 is the high. we will keep the chance for thunderstorms through the early bedtime hours. mostly cloudy. 68 overnight. tomorrow garden variety day with 30% chance of a now here's harry? >> it is hard to imagine any actress as talented and as versatile as meryl streep. this year she received her record-breaking 15th oscar nomination for the movie "doubt." she is causing a stir playing legendary chef julia child in
8:39 am
the comedy tour deforscedeforce "julie and julia." >> i saw a notice at the embassy, hat-making lessons. >> you like hats. >> i do, i do. i do. >> what is it that you really like to do? >> eat. >> and meryl streep is with us this morning. good morning. >> hello. >> did you have a good time making this movie? >> i did. because i never had to pretend anything. i just -- i do like to eat. and i like to learn how to be a better cook. so that was my job. >> help me understand how you do julia child though. did you do julia child from tv?
8:40 am
did you say, i don't want to imitate her exactly? i want to do what? >> i was -- in our film i am a figment of someone's imagination. someone, a young woman in 2001 in queens, who is cooking her way through julia child's cookbook. >> the amy adams' character. >> yes, amy adams. she imagines me from the pages of the cookbook and imagines what my life was like. so in a way, i'm a fantasy julia child. that was my out anyway. i didn't have to be absolutely dead-on. but i did look at for me the most valuable stuff to look at. it was not -- because i think of her as dan aykroyd did her too. >> the famous snl skit of dan aykroyd doing julia child. >> yes, on "saturday night live"
8:41 am
in the '70s. i looked at the earlier cooking shows when she was 50 when she was starting out and did her very first show. she looked like an undergrad. she still had all the julia things but they weren't outsized and emphasized in that way. >> do you cook? >> i'm an indifferent cook. i can cook -- i can cook out of this book. no they think i'm good. yeah. >> did your family cook? was your mother a cook? >> no. my mother had a cookbook one cookbook. the "i hate to cook" book. i remember the cover. >> a flash from the past. >> yeah. she also had the "joy of cooking" which was never cracked. >> spine was still stiff? >> yeah. no my mother had other things
8:42 am
to do and, you know she didn't like to be in the kitchen that much. >> not that you need a compliment, but the movie is so terrific and such a joyful -- >> what do you mean i don't need a compliment? i need all the compliments i could possibly get. >> really? you're good. the whole movie is good. i was so happy to sit there and watch it. >> oh. >> it was such a great departure from everything. >> well, i know. yeah. >> how is it that -- because years ago we had a whole conversation about women and women's roles and everything else. you were sort of like the tom cruise will smith of summer movies now right? you make movies in the summer good roles, things that we love to escape to. you're their box office smash. >> i know, go figure. alarming. what's happening to the world?
8:43 am
>> merrillyl streep is bank. >> i know it's bizarre. but it's a happy surprise. yeah. >> listen, they're going to ask you to do a movie about something very serious and say, it just has to have one car crash. one helicopter thing. and that's how it starts. >> oh, i don't think they're going to get me in the cat suit. i would pay to avoid that. >> what a pleasure. great to see you. >> great to see you too. >> thank you very much. it is such a great escape. equal "julie and julia." >> fashion dos can become fashion don'ts if not applied correctly. here to help us avoid mistakes is zanna rassi. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> we hear vertical stripes make you look thinner.
8:44 am
is that not always the case? >> not in our exception to every rule case. we have one exception, which is pink. she got a little bit too stripe happy. >> let's see. >> we have a picture, i think. >> she got too -- ooh, yeah. >> as you can see here she wore a stripe that was a broad stripe which actually only makes the shape broader. the best way to wear it is as we have here. >> let's bring out the model and show the right way to do the vertical stripe. >> think about the stripe being a thinner stripe and not a broader stripe and a paler color on a paler color. a skirt like this is perfect and does not draw too much tension to the wrong parts. >> all season long we have heard you can pull off sequins during the day. >> but not in this example in which we have jordan our british reality tv star in this fabulous pink number.
8:45 am
it looks more like she's a vegas show girl. it's more -- >> pepto bysmal. >> this is ali. it's all about being subtle. we're wearing it with a cropped trouser and lovely cardigan. it's about subtle color, great loose fit, none of this tight bustiness. and wearing it with a bit of confidence. >> thank you. we have seen it's okay -- this goes contrary to what we believed for a long time. this season a lot of people wearing patterns together. let's show how you would do that the wrong way. >> oh paris. >> is that paris hilton? >> she's chosen two prints that do not belong together. a neon dress. if you think it prove, it's definitely a don't.
8:46 am
>> let's see the model. come on out. >> we have our lovely jillian. it's about keeping it in the same school of print. it's a stripe, a preppy look. keep them in the same style school and i think you'll be all right with it. stripe is a great way for beginners to mix prints together. it's a no-brainer. >> thank you very much. cinching the waist gives you an hour glass figure. that's true. >> it's very true in most cases. we have the exception, which we've all seen before jessica. >> the picture that launched a thousand headlines. >> it's such a shame because she's got a great figure. really great body but unfortunately she chose to do it with jeans. jeans will never work with a high-waisted belt. >> let's bring out our model in a dress. >> keep it simple. belt the waist and cinch the
8:47 am
best part of the body. >> she's smiling. i know she's feeling good. finally, mono chromatic. it makes you look tall and skinny. >> unless you wear it in this white and tight i can't breathe suit. we have a perfect example of jen wearing a monochromatic suit. it's a better fit all over. she's not squeezed herself into it and she's got a great jacket. and she's tall and skinny. >> thank you so much. if you want more on these fashion rules, go to the website, up next at the market with magnificent melons
8:48 am
8:49 am
this morning on our "at the market series" dishs summer
8:50 am
melons. dede wilson is contributing editor at bon appetit magazine and is here with everyone you need to know. how are you? >> good. sitting here taking in the lovely aromas. >> hang on one second. president clinton's plane is landing in santa barbara. let's check in with bill whitaker. stand by. >> bill? >> the plane, which stopped for refueling in japan, has president clinton and the two journalists who were convicted of illegally entering the country. they were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. it is landing at the burbank airport this morning. we're expecting to hear perhaps from them certainly from vice president gore. he's going to be there at the scene. this is a welcome sight for a lot of people who are so worried
8:51 am
about these young women over there in north korea. bill whitaker is hooked up and with us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. we understand the plane is on its way in, just moments away from touching down here. this place is full of journalists. we understand it is down. it should be here coming into this hangar momentarily. this place is full of journalists. we have seen the husband and daughter of euna lee waiting in the wings there along with former vice president al gore. we've got journalists galore here. the place has been cleared by the secret service. we're all now just waiting for this -- these two young journalists to arrive along with former president bill clinton. we'll have the update for you as soon as we have it. back to you, harry. >> all right, bill. this is such an interesting thing. we're here with maggie rodriguez and russ mitchell. you talked with bill richardson
8:52 am
earlier this morning. he was on the short list of people who were thought theoretically viable to have a conversation with kim jong-il. and as it turns out, they wanted a bigger fish. >> they requested bill clinton. they sent a message to the families of the prisoners, who in turn knot ingot in contact with the white house and said kim jong-il wants to have bill clinton in the country. boy, have they been taking advantage of the fact they had someone of bill clinton's stature in the country. they had a little girl present him with flowers and have been running that video over and over again. in their view it's probably a symbol of the u.s.'s respect for north korea. >> the u.s. proposed al gore also and john kerry. >> he's part owner of the television company. >> the north koreans rejected al gore because they saw him as
8:53 am
more of a -- >> the white house was very specific that that is all they were supposed to discuss. but president clinton apparently went outside the parameters set up by the white house. it will be interesting to see what repercussions, if any that
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> it's 5 before 9. this summer day is starting out, how is it starting out? >> we'll have to deal with thunderstorms. looking at the forecast calling for a high of 90 degrees this day. i think we'll see maybe a couple of rounds of thunderstorms. 68 degrees will be the low tonight. tomorrow really a garden variety day with a 30 percent chance of a thundershower and high of 85 pgh >> with only a little time left before a new school year starts everybody is worried about
8:56 am
keeping students safe from the swine flu this fall. we have the story. >> reporter: school leaders are concerned that a swine flu vaccine will be available too late, after the start of the school, so they're preparing for the worst at this point. health officials say the vaccine won't be ready until at least october. right now the department of homeland security is hoping on line surveys will ask leaders how to prepare for an outbreak this fall. unlike seasonable flu the h1n1 targets all of us including school children because none of us have antibodies to fight the strain so the leaders expect to add minister about 5 million vaccine injections this school year. >> we have new information to tell you about, about a football field set on fire. eyewitness news learned police have arrested three people setting fire on the artificial tougher at middletown high school. investigators say the three are 17 years olds from rival brunswick high school. it will cost $20,000 to repair
8:57 am
that synthetic field and it's not clear if it can be ready in time for the season. that starts in 10 days. federal charges could be on the way for a middle river couple accused of making child pornography. the fbi is now investigating john nicholas and shannon honea both accused of filming and distributing child porn. police are still trying to fine the children involved. some as young as 2 yeast old we're told. >> the state is moving forward for the mass transit line. the governor is giving the plan his full support. the 14-mile line would run from security square mall in woodlawn to the west and onto the bay view medical campus in the northeast. many object saying the rails will ruin their neighborhoods and the season hasn't started yet but injuries are taking a toll on the ravens. mark claven will miss a couple weeks with a hamstring injury. adam terry though will miss the entire season to have his right
8:58 am
knee go upper the knife. the orioles find the swing against the tigers, a big game for rookie pitcher maddo-x making the big league debut. the batters lit up the score board and cruised to an easy 8- 2 win. stay with us. complete news and first morning
8:59 am

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